Foxdale School “Volunteers in School”

Foxdale School welcomes all volunteers into our school. We acknowledge they bring with them a range of skills and experiences that can enhance and enrich the learning opportunities of our pupils.

Our Volunteers Include:
Members of the Governing Body
Parents/grandparents of pupils
Students on work experience
Local residents
Friends of the school
People with special skills and interests

The types of activities the volunteers are engaged in can include:
Reading with individuals/small groups
Working with small groups
Working alongside individuals
Helping with art/craft/cooking activities
Helping at school clubs - both during and after school
Accompanying school visits
Providing positive role models
Sharing their own areas of interest and expertise with a class/whole school
Taking assemblies

Becoming a Volunteer
Anyone wishing to become a volunteer, either for a one off event such as a school visit or on a more regular basis, e.g. hearing children read, should approach the Head Teacher.
Volunteers are asked to uphold our school vision.
School Vision Statement

A Nurturing Creative Learning Community

• We provide a Nurturing environment, where each child is valued and treated as an individual;
• We have a Creative approach to learning, committed to finding new and better ways of reaching our goals;
• We are all engaged in LEARNING, staff and students alike, fostering a life-long love of knowledge and inquiry;
• We are a COMMUNITY, bound by strong values and tradition, that is outward looking and which promotes global citizenship;

Volunteers in school are bound by a code of confidentiality. Any concerns that volunteers have about the children they work with / come into contact with should be voiced with the Class Teacher and NOT with the parents of the child / persons outside school. Comments regarding children’s behaviour or learning can be highly sensitive, and if taken out of context, can cause distress to the parents of a child if they hear about such issues through a third party rather than directly from the school. Volunteers who are concerned about anything another adult in the school does or says should raise the matter with the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher.
All volunteers work under the supervision of the Class Teacher of the class to which they are assigned. Teachers retain responsibility for children at all times, including the children’s behaviour and the activity they are undertaking.
Volunteers should have clear guidance from the Teacher as to how an activity is carried out / what the expected outcome of an activity is. Volunteers are encouraged to seek further advice / guidance from the Teacher in the event of any query / problem regarding children’s understanding of a task or behaviour.
Health & Safety
The school has a Health & Safety Policy and volunteers must make themselves aware of this. Volunteers must sign in when they arrive. Class Teachers ensure that volunteer are clear about emergency procedures (e.g. fire alarm evacuation) and about any safety aspects associated with a particular task (e.g. using DT equipment / accompanying children on visits). Volunteers need to exercise due care and attention and report any obvious hazards or concerns to the Class Teacher / Headteacher.

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