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  • We Love Learning at Foxdale School
  • Learners Our children are active learners who are good problem solvers, motivated and engaged with their learning not afraid to take risks and who are determined to succeed.
  • Ownership Our school is welcoming and friendly, where everyone is valued for who they are and everyone’s voice is importantand can be heard. Where children and adults have a real sense of belonging.
  • Values Our children are respectful and nurturing towards others proud of their own and others successes both inside andoutside of school. They value team work and enjoy learning together as part of a big family.
  • ExperiencesWe want our children to have a whole range of different learning experiences both inside and out the classroom, taking part in creative, inspiring activities that ensure learning is meaningful and memorable.

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Cornelly enjoy a late summer...
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The children worked together in two mixed groups - renewing old acquaintances and learning to share ideas and work alongside their peers. Ardwhallan is a fantastic venue (especially in the sunshine!) and provides a safe, yet challenging venue for the children to take risks and push themselves to tr…

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