This term Cornelly will be exploring how the land around us used. This will cover all aspects of island life from housing to farming, water collection to coastal erosion. The children be able to widen their understanding of 'why things are there'. Perhaps on your next journey out and about, you can hold discussions on the things you see, ponder why they are there and who or when they first appeared?

Also this term year 6 will be engaging in some transition work with visits to high schools and a series of outdoor activities to help build their resilience (as well as make memories and enjoy each others comany). We've already whittled sticks to help with marshmallow roasting, used a flint and steel for firelighting and christened the Kelly Kettle to make hot chocolate!

As the term unfolds, we are hoping to get out on a school trip or two. We will be visiting Rushen Abbey for a journey on the Lifepath in June and hope to complete a walk exploring the water cycle and land use.

We also have cycle proficiency coming up in July - so get those chains oiled!

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