15.04.21 - What a beautiful day, I hope everyone is enjoying it and having lots of outdoor fun. Our activities today are brought to you by our wonderful student once again, I hope your child enjoys them ...



14.04.21 - Today's activity is brought to you by our fantastic student, where she shares a recount of a lovely Easter walk she had, and invites your child to do the same. Please find the Vimeo below, and thank you Miss Longshaw! ...

13.04.21 - I've enjoyed a lovely day in the hub today, and I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful sunshine, and thank goodness it is warming up a bit! Please find below some activities based on 2D Shape, and then 3D Shape...



12.04.21 - I hope this finds everyone well and happy after a lovely Easter break! Today's activities were prepared by our wonderful student, Miss Longshaw. This week we will be having a little focus on Shape, and Pattern, so I hope your child enjoys the activities below ...




26.03.21 - I had to find a short story for tonight as I'm nearly out of Vimeo storage, and fittingly I found 'Peppa's Easter Egg Hunt.' I hope your little one enjoys the story, and I hope the Easter Bunny visits you too! Wishing everyone a happy Easter full of sunshine and smiles ...

25.03.21 - If we were in school we would be doing lots of lovely Easter craft and activities, so please find below some cute little crafts and things to do over the Easter break, along with a 3D Shape Challenge from Miss Longshaw ...










24.03.21 - Tonight's bedtime story was inspired by one of our wonderful little girls in Teams this morning who read 'Say Goodnight to the Sleepy Animals'. Her enjoyment of the book was just beautiful, so I've read 'Say Hello to the Baby Animals,' by the same author. I hope your little ones enjoy the story ...

23.03.21 - Tonight's bedtime story is called 'Spot the Lamb on the Farm'. Hopefully you will be able to pause the video on each page and find the hidden lamb. Please forgive the confusion between my little girl and I, about what cows eat no less! When I'm recording I second guess everything I say, or maybe lockdown is just taking its toll! Anyway, I hope the story finds everyone well and happy. Sweet dreams to our little ones ...

23.03.21 - This week we are going to learn about 3D shape! Please find below a powerpoint to share with your child which shows pictures of the basic 3D shapes in 'everyday objects', followed by an Easter-bunny powerpoint also looking at 3D shape. When you feel your child is happy with the shape names, you could look around your home and garden to find more 3D shapes. You could make a fun game of it by using something like a hula hoop, setting a timer for 1 minute, and racing against your child to find the most things in your home that are, for example, cube-shaped, and filling the hoops with items! ...



Miss Longshaw has also been busy, and has spent some of her weekend painting a sweet little Farm Scene! She needs help finishing the picture though, so please see the link below ... have fun being little artists!.


22.03.21 - After today's lovely little Teams meeting with the boys, and the plethora of prehistoric dino toys and teddies they delight in showing, Miss Longshaw was inspired to read a dinosaur story for the children! After she recorded herself telling the story 'Worrysaurus', she developed some lovely activities based on the text, both of which you can find below......


18.03.21 - I'm sorry to say I had a disaster with technology today, and after spending the afternoon making a story reading of 'Spot the Lamb on the Farm', I couldn't upload it as it exceeded this week's storage limit. I was very frustrated! But luckily Miss Longshaw has prepared a fun Ladybird Maths Game, and a Hot Seating Activity for you to try! ...



17.03.21 - Please find below a story reading of 'Sugarlump and the Unicorn', inspired by the girl's Teams Meeting this morning, where we were joined by lots of beautiful unicorns! Please also find below a document from Miss Longshaw where she shares some lovely pictures of a walk at Langness, and sets some activities and questions to encourage your child to look carefully for certain things when you enjoy walks in our beautiful countryside ...


16.03.21 - I hope everyone is well and safe on this super windy day! Please find below a story reading of 'Poptastic Farm', followed by a page of lovely activities from Miss Longshaw, linked to the Farm topic. Let's hope this wind dies down and we can all enjoy some sunshine tomorrow! Happy learning ...


15.03.21 - Before Christmas we learnt about Dinosaurs, which the children enjoyed very much! Here's a lovely link from Mrs Sayle where children can use their own hands to create dinosaur pictures - I know at least one little boy in our class who would love this! ...


15.03.21 - Continuing with our current Farm topic, I had planned to take the class to St Marks Farm this term, and hopefully we can still go once we return to school. But in the meantime the below powerpoint was the closest thing I could find to a farm visit! I hope the children enjoy looking at the different animals with you ...


15.03.21 - To practise our counting and number formation, please try these 'I Spy on the Farm' sheets. To provide differentiation, there is a sheet to 10, and a sheet to 20, please do whichever your child is comfortable with. You do not need to print the sheets out, you can simply count on the screen and write the answers on a piece of paper, if you so wish. Have fun playing I spy!

I Spy to 10 Checklist.pdf

I_Spy_to_20.pdf Checklist.pdf

12.03.21 - Please find below a story reading of What The Ladybird Heard, followed by some exciting activities from Miss Longshaw ... Wishing you all a lovely, safe and relaxing weekend.



11.03.21 - Continuing with yesterday's rainbow theme, today I was thinking about our little ones and how they are feeling. I'm sure they are all happy at home, so I found a rainbow for the children to write happy feelings in; they could write one synonym for happiness in each band, before colouring it in.


Miss Longshaw has been busy today and wanted to extend the children's learning on Number Bonds to 10, so she created a lovely ladybird activity for your children to try at home (please find below). The children have done a similar activity in class where they finger painted Number Bonds to 5 on different ladybirds, so hopefully they will enjoy this activity too. Please check back tomorrow for a special ladybird story and activities! ...


10.03.21 - Hi everyone, today we are thinking again about Number Bonds to 10. Here's a lovely practice of Number Bonds to 10 in a rainbow, which links nicely with lockdown. I'm aware some parents don't have a printer, so I'm trying to keep things simple by uploading things that can be watched, completed on a screen, or are simple enough to copy on to paper. I hope the rainbow is easily copied if necessary ... Please also find below an interactive CVC worksheet where you can help your child type the letters to make each word (bear in mind they might struggle with finding the letters on the keyboard as they are all set in capitals). Finally, please find a lovely little phonics video created by Miss Longshaw, practising the Phase 2 phonics that we identified the class struggle with. Have fun and stay safe everyone x



09.03.21 - In school just before this lockdown, the class were enjoying their learning about Number Bonds to 5, and we had just touched upon Number Bonds to 10. To continue with this learning, my little girl and I have attempted to sing 'There Were Ten in the Bed', to show the different ways of making 10. Hopefully your child will enjoy singing along with us. (Please kindly forgive me of the middle section where I get ahead of myself and confused!) I have also attached (below the Vimeo) a powerpoint to look at and enjoy with your child which further supports this learning, in the same theme of teddies in a bed. You could extend your child's learning by encouraging them to write down the number sentence on each powerpoint slide if so wished, or you could take a practical approach and recreate 'There Were Ten in the Bed' in your child's bed with their teddies. Have lots of fun!

TenInTheBed.pptx (Powerpoint to further develop your child's understanding of Number Bonds to 10).

08.03.21 - Before Lockdown 3, we were lucky enough to meet our P.G.C.E. student, Miss Longshaw. The children instantly adored her, and in a very short space of time Miss Longshaw was a real asset to our learning environment. Miss Longshaw will be helping me in providing online learning. Please find her lovely introduction below ...



04.03.21 - Happy World Book Day : ) I hope your little ones are all dressed up as their favourite book character and are enjoying a lovely literary day. My little girl dressed as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.!

I hope your child enjoys our story reading ...

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