DON'T STOP READING!!!! Even lockdown won't stop the children at Foxdale School from reading and enjoying World Book Day. We have put together a few activities for you to share with your family this World Book Day. If you had planned to dress up why not put your costume on and have some World Book Day fun at home!!! It would be great if you could take lots of pictures as we would love to see your costumes. If you don't fancy dressing up you could send us some pictures of your World Book Day reading- feel free to be as creative and crazy as you like!

This page will be updated with the answers to the quizzes at the end of the day.

Make sure you keep an eye on our Masked Reader page throughout the day!

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Scavenger Hunt
Create a mask World Book Day Mindfulness Colouring
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Throughout the day several Masked Readers will be making an appearance on this page! Make sure you listen to their stories carefully to see if you can work out who they are and what they reading. Here is a sheet which you may like to use to write down your answers. Masked Reader Who is behind the m…

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