Dinosaur D&T - Make your own 'terrible lizard' with a simple toilet roll - all instructions on the link below. Make sure you give your dino a great name too (you could probably make an even bigger one - Brontosaurus? - from a kitchen roll holder...). Bring your dinky dino back to school with you and we'll vote on the funkiest one - photos would also be good, via Google Classroom please:-) Have fun! SUEZ_STEM_ToiletRollTube_Dinosaur.pdf

Tuesday 12th - Happy Palindrome Day!

What's all that about? I hear you ask...Have a read through some background notes and then start collating your own palindromic lists!

Team points are up for grabs... Palindrome_Day_.pdf

Miserable Monday Morning ... Mindwarming Mayhem and Mystery!

After settling down somewhere warm and cosy, and having listened to Mr K reading the new class book (a change from doing some reading of your own), have a go at these puzzles...Winter warmer

Here are the templates you can print off for the writing sheets in case you need more copies:




Just print off what you need.

Lockdown 2021 - bring it on!

All the children in Cornelly now have a pack of work that contains writing, maths, science and art projects. Our 'topic' this term is 'Dinosaurs' so there will be a theme running through the assignments. The links that are mentioned in the packs can be accessed here, along with other suggestions.

There will be regular contact via G-mail. If you can't log in, please contact the school and we can reset passwords.

Writing projects:

1) News report NHM Writing Tips

2) Leaflet and radio advert Some links to parks for ideas: DinoLive BlackGangChine AltonTowers

3) Poem - writing your own and completing a comprehension. WInter_poems_comp.pdf

4) Diary Children'sMuseum


All the maths sheets are in order, they build on the last piece of learning. On each sheet is a link to video tutorial, that is hosted on the Vimeo website. Simply type the number correctly in the URL.

There is also SumDog. Challenges and competitions will be set up over lockdown. Get in touch if log in details are forgotten!


There are two projects - one is messy!

1) Adaptation Adaptation Link

2) Making a Volcano This link has the instructions. (This is the messy one!)

Art and Design:

1) Dinosaur Skeleton Model from sticks.

2) Cave Paintings. Lascaux

3) Cave design.

4) Stone age tools. BBC Clip Prehistoric Britain

Other things to do:

PE - it's not as warm as it was last lockdown! Jo Wicks is back on Youtube from Monday 11th, 3 times a week. Have a go!

Reading. It's good for you, so stop moaning and lose yourself in a fantastic story!

Keeping a Journal. We tried this last time, and some of you were really good at it. If you have access to a device, maybe use Google Docs for an online diary?

Learn a new skill. There are hundreds of 'teach yourself' apps/videos/websites out there. Learn to draw, play the guitar, speak Spanish... Surprise yourself!