Home Learning in Cronk Vane - Lockdown 2

Here are some links and activities for you and your child to do at home, if you so wish. In Reception we take a hands-on, fun approach to learning, with the emphasis on 'learning through play', so please don't get worried about any of the activities listed, they are only suggestions, and I only wish for you and your child to enjoy this special time together.

Letter to Parents

Letter to Parents 2- an activity to try at home

I will try to read and record a bedtime story every day with my own little girl, I hope your little ones enjoy it ...

Story time with Miss Davies


Here you can find our Talk for Writing Learning Resources linked to the book Snow Friends, by Christina Butler and Tina Macnaughton.

Talk 4 Writing Snowy Scene - brainstorming adjectives Snowman Picture - Brainstorming Adjectives


In Cronk Vane we love phonics! In school we use a trusted synthetic approach to phonics called 'Jolly Phonics,' alongside the systematic approach called 'Letters and Sounds'. Please use the 'Phonics' button above, where you will find lovely interactive resources for your child to engage and practice their phonics.


This week our maths mastery learning is focused on the topic Growing 6,7,8. Below are a set of 5 videos and challenges which you may like to work through at your own pace.

Session White Rose Vimeo Clip Activity
Growing Challenge 1
Growing Challenge 2
Growing Challenge 3
Growing Challenge 4
Growing Challenge 5

Learning Challenges

In Reception we take a very hands on practical approach to our learning and we would love it if the children could continue to take an active approach to learning at home. Here are some links to some practical number activities.

Screenshot_2021_01_10_at_22_44_17.png?m=1610318752 Screenshot_2021_01_10_at_22_44_21.png?m=1610318777
0 Challenges 1 Challenges 2 Challenges 3 Challenges 4 Challenges 5 Challenges
Screenshot_2021_01_10_at_22_53_47.png?m=1610319296 Screenshot_2021_01_10_at_22_53_52.png?m=1610319312 Screenshot_2021_01_10_at_22_53_56.png?m=1610319346 Screenshot_2021_01_10_at_22_54_02.png?m=1610319361 Screenshot_2021_01_10_at_22_54_07.png?m=1610319377
6 Challenges 7 Challenges 8 Challenges 9 Challenges 10 Challenges

Here are a few more activities which you may like to try-

Winter Number Matching Frozen Patterns Frozen Counting Snowman Sequencing

Maths Week 2 - commencing 18th January...

To start this week off we are thinking about 'Pairs'. Below are some suggestions on how to think about pairs in the everyday world, and it is the perfect opportunity to match the socks. If your house is anything like mine, you will have a bag of socks that need pairing! There is no need to print any worksheets today, or put pencil to paper, just have fun making sets of pairs around your home. If you have a walk, encourage your child to spot pairs - perhaps you have a pair of plant pots beside the front door, or your neighbour has left a pair of wellies outside? We always see collared doves and magpies in our garden in pairs, and sometimes a pair of robins that are always bickering! Enjoy a lovely day with your child as you look for pairs : )


Here are a couple of activities to try at home with your child, based on our Pairs learning. If you have access to a printer, you can print the ladybirds, but if not, you could simply draw and cut out your own ladybirds...


As we are learning about pairs, we would have done some learning about Noah's Ark in school. Here is a link to a lovely song I found on BBC Teach on Youtube. I hope your child enjoys listening to the song ...

If you have a printer at home, the following would be a lovely activity to enjoy with your child ... you could even extend the activity by drawing a huge ark on a piece of large cardboard or paper, cutting and sticking the animal pairs, and then you could draw on your own animals to join them! : )



I'm aware some of you might not have a printer at home (or might be running out of ink!) so I thought this interactive CVC challenge sheet might be useful. I'm just mindful though that our laptops and keyboards are in capital letters, so your child might need help finding the correct character as they 'sound out' the words ...


Maths Week 3 ... unnamed.png?m=1611678665

This week in Maths we are looking at 'Combining 2 Groups'. With a little imagination, you can apply to this any situation; maybe at dinnertime you could serve your child just 6 chips, and you could say something like, "Oh no, you've only got 6 chips, let's add 4 chips from Mummy's plate, and let's count them to see how many you have altogether." Or something like that! Addition can be done anywhere. Below are some worksheets if you wish to supplement your child's learning, although doing practical addition throughout the day will work beautifully for your child's developing understanding of this concept.



Below is a powerpoint based on combining 2 groups in a bakery, which you can simply look at and discuss with your child, or you can print the slides out and cut and stick the items on the plate, or your child can draw the cakes and biscuits and count them altogether! This powerpoint does go all the way up to 20, which will be too tricky for some children, but achievable for others. Knowledge and ability is not a race or a destination, but a journey to be enjoyed, so please take the slides at your child's own pace and stop when you know they have reached their potential...


More in the section Cronk Vane Lockdown 2:

Storytime with Miss Davies

Hello Reception, I have had a go at reading some bedtime stories for you. It took a few attempts, and lots of laughter! I hope you enjoy listening at bedtime xx

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